RO Membrane Autopsy Services in PUNE

RO Membrane Autopsy Services in Pune

Vipanan is the first THIRD party commercial laboratory in India, offering MBR, NF, UF & RO membrane Autopsy services.

Membrane autopsy is defined as, ‘Excellent tool or technique to understand and diagnose the problem related to fouling, scaling, salt passage flow, flux and pressure difference across the sides.’ However, with our vast experience in such autopsies we understood that Autopsy technique has it’s meaning, way beyond the above- mentioned definition.
Main aim of autopsy is to identify the root cause of the failure and provide

recommendation on how to minimize or manage it.
Based on our experience, we broadly categorize membrane failures as follows.

  1. Reversible damage.
  2. Irreversible damage.

A well-performed Autopsy gives all probable causes of membrane failure and guides us for remedial actions to rectify the problem and avoid it in future.

We believe that periodic autopsy can help in enhancing the membrane life.

Why Choose Vipanan Lab for Membrane Autopsy in Pune

  • Vipanan has been a leader in Membrane Autopsy since 2003 (more than 19+ years)
  • Our team of expert researchers understands the requirement laid down by authorities.
  • We test samples precisely, timely & accurately using modern testing methods.
  • Vipanan is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 NABL Accreditated and ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory in Pune.