Efficacy Testing in Pune

Efficacy Testing

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🧪 Sanitizers
🧪 Biodispersant / Biocide Efficacy
🧪 Antiscalant Efficacy
🧪 Membrane compatibility study with antiscalant, biocide, biodispersant


Efficiency of Sanitizers for bio killing can be understood by doing efficacy testing. Sanitizers can be tested at different concentrations, with different microorganisms, at various exposure period.

Biodispersant / Biocide Efficacy

Efficacy testing of biocide and biodispersant for cooling tower and RO system does have many variable parameters. We have well equipped laboratory, where we can study the efficacy of biocide as well as biodispersant with various permutation combinations of physical and chemical parameters to check the competency of product.

Antiscalant Efficacy

Vipanan conducts the Dynamic and static studies of antiscalant for cooling tower and RO system in a variation of temperature , pressure, flow, pH and water characteristics (synthetic water)

Membrane compatibility study with antiscalant, biocide, biodispersant.

Antiscalant, biocide and biodispersant should have the capacity to prevent the scale and microbiological activity on the membrane surface. But it is equally important that it should have the compatibility with RO membrane. Or else it can trouble the system Vipanan leads to conduct membrane compatibility trials with antiscalant, biocide and biodispersant.

Why Choose Vipanan Lab for Efficacy Testing in Pune

  • Vipanan lab has been a leader in Efficacy Testing since 2003 (more than 19+ years)
  • Our team of expert researchers understands the requirement laid down by authorities.
  • We test samples precisely, timely & accurately using modern testing methods.
  • Vipanan is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 NABL Accreditated and ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory in Pune.