Agriculture Analysis & testing Lab in PUne

Agriculture Analysis & testing Lab in PUne

We at Vipanan help the agriculture industry by providing various types of test right from soil testing to fertilizer analysis to plant testing, which will help agriculture industry to get better results of their efforts.

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🧪 Plant Analysis
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Soil Testing

Soil testing is used to determine nutrients and minerals in soil. Soil testing can be used to support crop production or to identify harmful or toxic contaminants in the soil. Vipanan tests a number of parameters in order to determine the nutrients and minerals present in it.


Plant Testing

Plant testing is done to ensure the production of safe food products. Plant testing is a process used to determine the state of a plant. There are a variety of tests that can be performed to determine a plant's health and to ensure it is safe for consumption.


Plant Infection Testing

Vipanan specializes in providing plant infection testing services. This includes establishments primarily engaged in testing crops, seeds, grains, or processed food products for the presence of harmful plant pathogens. Vipanan tests incoming food products for the presence of plant pathogens.


Fertilizer Testing

Fertilizer testing to determine its quality is important. The process of testing fertilizer varies depending on the type of fertilizer. At Vipanan, we test a wide range of fertilizer inputs to ensure quality. We run several tests, including chemical tests and microbial tests.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis in soil/plant testing is the determination of the amount of nutrients present in soil or compost. It is used quantitatively to estimate the availability of nutrients to plants or to measure the success of fertilization programs to increase plant nutrient uptake.

Hygiene Analysis

Agriculture Hygiene analysis is a type of organic analysis for testing the polluting pollutant of the agro biological system. Some of the products used for analysis are crop water, soil, air, plants, animals, food, beverages, etc.

Why Choose Vipanan Lab for Agriculture Analysis &
Testing lab in Pune

  • Vipanan lab has been a leader in Agriculture testing since 2003 (more than 19+ years)
  • Our team of expert researchers understands the requirement laid down by authorities.
  • We test Agriculture samples precisely, timely & accurately using modern testing methods.
  • Vipanan is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 NABL Accreditated and ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory.