Consultancy and Contract R&D

Consultancy and Contract R&D

We offer Professional consultancy for process monitoring , hygiene analysis, and product designing. Vipanan has a team of highly trained personnel to provide the full range of customer support.

Professional consultancy

• Process monitoring and hygiene in food industry.
• Food product designing.
• Training for food handlers & workers.

Vipanan has a team of highly trained personals to provide the wide range of customer support. Vipanan also has a dedicated Special Projects team that will work with you to customize methods to fit your project needs.

Our contract R&D activities have boosted up the confidence of valued national and international clients of Vipanan. This activity consist of developing new technologies , processes , products such as
🧪 Food Product Designing.
🧪 Identification of natural pigments from herbs
🧪 Efficiency testing of Domestic water purifiers.
🧪 Deffining Passivation Plant for desaline water
🧪 Various Techniques in Water Treatment.
🧪 Corrosion prevention technique.

The Result of this activity have helped our customers in achieving cost effective profitability, product development.