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Our wide range of testing involves

  • Drinking water testing
  • Packaged drinking water testing
  • Ground/ Surface water testing
  • ETP/STP waste water testing
  • Boiler/Cooling tower water testing
  • Saline/Sea water testing
  • Demineralized water testing
  • Water testing for the food industry
  • Pura water testing (pharma Ind.)
  • Distilled water testing
  • Construction water testing
  • Swimming pool and spa water testing

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Why Choose Vipanan Lab for Water Analysis?


19+ years of experience

Vipanan lab has been a pioneer in water testing since 2003 (more than 19+ years)


Team of expert researchers

Our team of expert researchers understands the requirement laid down by authorities


modern testing methods

We test water samples precisely, timely & accurately using modern testing methods


ISO certified laboratory

Vipanan Analytical Technologies LLP an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 NABL Accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory


Why get your water quality Tested?

The quality of water must be regularly tested, whether it is used for business, agriculture, domestic purposes, or by public municipalities and private homeowners. This helps to keep the water source safe from environmental risks and potential health disorders.

Water testing is essential to ensure that water is safe and clean. This process checks for contaminants and pollutants that could potentially make people sick. By adhering to safety procedures, water testing helps protect people from exposure to harmful substances.

Food Testing Services we Provide

Drinking Water Analysis

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Drinking water analysis is provided as per WHO standards and BIS standards. Periodic water analysis can give you information of water quality in all seasons. Also it helps to monitor the water quality control system like water purifier, etc.

Packaged Drinking Water Testing

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Packaged drinking water testing is necessary to understand the quality of water. Testing at the manufacturing level will give you product quality.

Ground or Surface Water Testing

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Ground or surface water includes bore well water, well water, river water, tanker water, water reservoirs, etc. Ground water testing can be used to identify the presence of contaminants in the ground water. Testing the level of a certain contaminant in the groundwater can help to determine the extent of the contamination. It is important to test ground water because it is a source of drinking water and a source of water used in various levels.

ETP/STP Water Testing

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ETP/STP water testing may include bacteriological, chemical & physical examinations. Routine monitoring of effluent helps the customer to operate plant efficiently.

Boiler & Cooling Tower Water Testing

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Boiler & Cooling water testing may include bacteriological, chemical, and physical examinations. Routine monitoring of the system water gives you guidelines for system operations and required chemical dosing.

Saline / Sea Water Testing

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This is a specialized analysis of high TDS water. Vipanan Technical team has adequate knowledge of interference observed. The knowledge bank helps customers to get accurate analysis reports.

Demineralized Water Testing

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Demineralized water testing gives us quality of water to determine the presence of any minerals or contaminants and ensures if system is running rightly.

Water Testing For Food Industry

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The water used for making food should be safe and pure enough for consumption. Hence its periodic check is very important to maintain the product quality.

Pura Water Testing

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Pura water (WFI) testing is required in pharmaceutical industry which is used to detect microbial contamination with acceptable limits to protect the integrity of the product.

Distilled Water Testing

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Distilled water testing ensures right quality water usage for required processes.

Construction Water Testing

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Construction water testing is done as per necessary standards. Before starting the construction it is advisable to get the water checked.

Swimming Pool & Spa Water Testing

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Swimming pool & Spa water testing helps to understand whether water is of the right quality as per standard.

Brine Water Testing

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Brine water testing is needed in specialized systems to maintain the system efficiently. Various types of testing can be done for bacteriological, chemical, and physical parameters.

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